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Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress


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  • CertiPUR-US Foam
  • Great for Backpain
  • Supportive
  • Great reputation


  • Some odor
  • Not the best for sidesleepers
  • loses firmness over time
The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress is another product coming from Zinus, a company that equips the market with comfortable yet affordable mattresses. This mattress consists of foam layers without any coil spring support. As an all foam mattress, it provides exceptional comfort and a decent firmness that allows you to get a better night’s sleep. The only downside is that this mattress is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door, which means you cannot see it before you buy it. Since you don’t have a chance to try the mattress out, it is quite difficult to determine whether it is the right choice for you. That’s why we have created this guide to help you decide whether this mattress can suit your needs.

The Mattress Layers

The Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam mattress consists of three foam layers. The first layer is a two inch memory foam layer that conforms to the shape of your body. It is in charge of providing comfort an adding softness to the whole mattress. Beneath it is a two inch comfort foam that serves as a pressure relieving layer. Finally, the third layer of this mattress is a high-density base support foam, which serves as support for other layers and the sleeper as well. This layer improves the durability of the mattress and adds firmness to it. The three layers are wrapped together in a high quality fiber cover quilted with an additional thin layer of foam for extra comfort and support. All together, this combination of materials provides a comfortable sleeping surface that will allow you to get the much needed rest.

Quality of materials and certifications

The cover of the Zinus Ultima Comfort mattress is made of high quality fiber that adds another layer of softness. It is breathable and helps increase heat regulation by not retaining heat. The design of the cover is pretty basic and neutral in color white. When it comes to foam layers of this mattress, all layers are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are durable and made of high quality material. This certification also implies that there are no chemicals used in the foam, which calls for reduced off gassing and a healthier sleeping surface. Zinus used BIO Foam natural plant oil instead of petroleum in this mattress, which makes it more durable and keeps it fresh for a longer time.

How it feels and the overall sleep experience

As an all foam mattress, the Zinus Ultima Comfort is a comfortable mattress for an average sleeper. If we were to rate its firmness from 1 to 10, it would be a solid five, meaning the mattress is medium firm. The high density base foam layer is the only supportive, firm layer of the mattress, while the two layers on top add nothing but softness. Therefore, this mattress is somewhere between a firm and a soft mattress. The top layer is memory foam, which means the mattress cannot be flipped and used on both sides, as the bottom side would be quite uncomfortable. When it comes to comfort, the Zinus Ultima mattress is definitely more comfortable than some regular spring mattresses. However, when compared to other memory foam mattresses, there is really not much difference. As we said, it is a medium firm mattress that provides enough comfort for an average sleeper.

The memory foam layer absorbs a lot of energy by conforming to your body and it helps reduce motion transfer. The mattress provides a decent amount of pressure relief, even though it does not perform as well as some more expensive Zinus mattresses. Depending on your preference regarding sleeping positions, you may find this mattress too soft, as it does give the sinking feeling during sleep. Some people like having a mattress they can sink in and feel like being hugged by their bed, while some find it uncomfortable and irritating. Keep that in mind when the time comes to make a decision. As far as heat retention goes, this mattress does an okay job. Memory foam mattresses usually retain a lot of heat but thanks to the durable cover and the structure of this mattress, it does not stay warm that much. However, there are definitely other Zinus mattresses that perform much better in this field, such as the Zinus gel infused memory foam mattress. Some users have found the Zinus Ultima Comfort to heat up much more when sleeping on the side, so if you’re a side sleeper, keep that in mind. Thanks to the natural components of the mattress, there is no much off gassing as chemical odor is reduced by the natural plant oil.  Overall, this mattress provides a good amount of comfort and it is an average quality mattress. It’s definitely more favorable for back sleepers rather than side sleepers because of the sinking feeling. A positive side of this mattress is that it is compatible with any bed frame and it is quite durable in the long run.

Pricing and other details

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The 8 inch Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort memory foam mattress comes at a price of 181$, which makes it one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses. As all Zinus mattresses, it is shipped in a timely manner, compressed in a box that arrives to your door straight from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, you don’t have a chance to try out this mattress before making a purchase and there is no guarantee in terms of returns. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can contact the company to discuss a refund or exchange, however, there may be some extra fees in this process. Because the mattress is shipped in a box, it is recommended to take it out as soon as you receive it to prevent damaging the product. It will take two to three days for the mattress to fully extend to its regular shape. Even though there is no guarantee when it comes to trial periods, the mattress is covered by a 10 year limited warranty for any manufacturing errors. This is a good feature because Zinus mattresses are made in China, besides their designs being made in the US.


All together, the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort memory foam mattress from Zinus provides good comfort for an average sleeper. It does a good job at heat regulation and motion transfer isolation, even though there definitely are other Zinus mattresses on the market that perform better in this field. This particular mattress is medium firm and great for those who enjoy the sink in feel when sleeping. With this mattress you will experience average pressure relief and little to no off gassing at all. Considering the affordable price, this Zinus memory foam mattress is a great option for average sleepers on budget!