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Zinus Sleep Master Sofa Mattress Review

Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress


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  • Cannot be used as regular bed
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If you’re looking for a replacement sofa bed mattress, we recommend you to take a look at this Zinus Sleep Master Cool Gel Memory foam 5 inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress. As you may already know, Zinus is a well-known mattress manufacturer that provides high quality mattresses at affordable prices compared to other brands on the market. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to try out this product before purchasing it because it ships directly from the manufacturer to your door, but we are going to do our best to present you every detail of this mattress and help you decide whether it is a good option for you.

The Mattress Layers

As a five inch mattress, it is already obvious that this mattress cannot be used as a full time bedding solution for adults, since it is not thick enough to provide the right comfort and support every night. However, as a sofa bed mattress, it does a great job providing occasional comfort when you’re in need of an extra bed. It consists of only two layers which form its five inch structure. The base layer is a four inches thick high density layer that provides support, while on top of it is a one inch gel memory foam layer that adds softness and comfort, as well as helps regulate the temperature of the mattress itself.

The quality of materials and certifications

The Zinus Sleep Master Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress comes with a soft and removable cover. Besides adding a soft touch to the mattress, the knitted Jacquard cover can be removed and washed as needed. As a fully foam mattress from Zinus, this product is CertiPUR-US certified, that is, it is certified for high quality, durability and exceptional performance. The foam used in this mattress is the newest innovation of BIO foam, which contains natural plant oil instead of petroleum, as well as green tea extract that keeps the mattress fresh.

How it feels and the overall sleep experience

As we already discussed, this mattress cannot be used as a permanent being solution for an adult, as it wont be able to provide the right comfort and support every night. This is only a sofa mattress, which means it was created to serve its purpose occasionally on a spare bed. For that kind of a mattress it does an exceptional job! The combination of high density foam and memory foam provides great support. The memory foam layer adds softness to the mattress, making it a medium to soft choice and not very firm. Even though it is a foam mattress, this Zinus innovation provides quite decent edge support. The cool gel in the memory foam layer ensures good temperature regulation and prevents heat from building up throughout the night, keeping the mattress cool and comfortable for sleeping. The comfort of the memory foam on top of a high density foam layer provides pressure relief to the sleeper and makes them feel more relaxed in the morning. Thanks to the plant oil and the green tea extract used in the BIO foam, the off gassing of this product is reduced. You can expect little to no off gassing at all, which is quite a great thing!

With the memory foam on top you will sink into the mattress just right, feeling comfortable and ready for a good night’s sleep. The Zinus Sleep Master Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress is foldable, which is quite convenient since you can easily store it when not in use. Customers have praised this mattress for being foldable without having lumps or indentations on the surface afterwards. Folding the mattress wont affect its quality nor compromise it, so you can do it freely to be able to store it whenever you don’t need to use it. Besides folding for storage, this sofa mattress can be folded to fit a convertible sofa, another great convenience Zinus did not miss out on!

Pricing and other details

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This particular replacement sofa bed mattress  is usually priced under $150 for queen size. As one of the most affordable brands on the market, Zinus does a great job at providing utmost quality and keeping the customers satisfied with their mattresses. The product is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door, which reduces the costs of distributors or middlemen, allowing the company to offer such low prices for great quality. Since the mattress comes compressed in a box, it is recommended to take it out within 72 hours, as being in the vacuumed box for too long may damage the product. Once you take the mattress out, don’t use it for the first 24 to 48 hours, depending on how long it takes to expand into its original size and shape. There is no trial period specified for this product but it does come with a warranty. However, the warranty of this Zinus mattress, since it is a replacement mattress, is only 5 years instead of full 10 years. This product is manufactured in China.


To wrap it all up, this Zinus replacement sofa bed mattress is a great mattress replacement solution, whether you were on a budget or not. For such a low price of only 124$ you will be getting a mattress that has all the necessary features for a good night’s sleep. Thanks to the cool gel it doesn’t get warm and regulates heat nicely, it offers good support as well as decent edge support and provides great pressure relief and comfort. The knitted jacquard cover is removable, which isn’t the case with most Zinus mattresses. This allows you to wash the cover whenever it is needed to do so. On top of it all, this replacement mattress is foldable, both for storage and diversified use, as it can be folded to fit a convertible sofa. All together, this 5 inch mattress is definitely capable of providing you or your guests good night’s sleep, as long as it is not continuously in use, since because of its thickness it may wear out quickly. Either way, for only a little over 100$ you will be getting great quality and exceptional comfort!