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Zinus Sleep Master 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress and Easy to Assemble Smart Platform Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Sleep Master 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress and Easy to Assemble Smart Platform Metal Bed Frame


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  • Very cheap
  • Good for kids
  • CertiPUR-US Certified


  • Not supportive
  • Can't be used as regular bed
  • may cause backpains
  • Only twin size
Zinus is one of the most famous bedding solution manufacturers on the market, known for offering high quality products at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a mattress of top quality yet you’re on a budget, Zinus is the right place to look for a solution. In this article, we are going to review a set that includes a 6 inch sleep master memory foam mattress and a smart platform metal bed frame. This set provides the full bedding solution at a very affordable price, thanks to Zinus’ smart shipping techniques. The products are sent directly from the manufacturer to your door, which cuts the costs of distributors and middlemen, allowing Zinus to offer lower prices on their products! Let’s get into the review and help you decide whether this set is a good choice for you!

The Mattress Layers

The Sleep Master memory foam mattress which comes in this set is 6 inches thick and contains two different layers. The first layer of the mattress is a 1.5 inch layer of fine memory foam while the second and final layer is a 4.5 inches of high density base support foam. The mattress comes in twin size.

The Quality of Materials and Certifications

Before we get into details on the comfort and sleep experience of this mattress, we should mention the smart platform bed frame which also comes in this set. The platform is made of high quality metal and it is 14 inches high. The frame also provides 12.5 inches of space underneath it, allowing you to use the space as under bed storage. The metal bed frame assembles very easily and forms a strong and even support for the mattress, which is significant for its comfort.

As a memory foam mattress, the sleep master 6 inch mattress of this set contains high quality, CertiPUR-US certified foam which is guaranteed to perform well and last long. The mattress also comes with a high quality white and breathable cover that regulates temperature and helps you sleep better throughout the night!

How it feels and the overall sleep experience

As the Zinus sleep master 6 inch memory foam mattress lays on the metal platform, it provides sturdy support and a quite good comfort to the sleeper. The top layer of memory foam adjusts to your body shape and allows you to slightly sink in and feel the comfort that’s going to make you fall asleep faster. The thick support layer serves as a good pressure relief layer, allowing you to relax without stress and tension. Customers have described this Zinus mattress as a very firm sleeping solution and some of them have found it necessary to use a mattress topper over this mattress. If you’re not a fan of firmer sleeping surfaces, this is definitely not the right option for you. If, however, you do like firmer mattresses, consider this one as a great bedding solution. You can always put a topper on it when you feel like sleeping on a softer surface.

As far as edge support goes, since this is a fully foam mattress, there isn’t much it can do but offer average edge support. There are no springs to support the edges firmly so keep in mind that this mattress provides an average edge support. Even though this mattress provides great comfort, it is only 6 inches thick, meaning it is not able to provide full support for heavier sleepers. Thus, it is a great solution for a guest bedroom or a lighter sleeper. The metal bed frame which comes in this set serves as a frame and box spring in one and its dimensions are 39.8 inches x 16.5 inches x 16.5 inches. The color of the frame is silver and what makes it convenient is the fact that it can be folded for easier storing, thus allowing you to put it away when not in use.

Pricing and Other details

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This amazing set s a total sleep solution in one box! That’s right, both products come shipped in one box, as they are effectively folded and stored. The Zinus sleep master 6 inch memory foam mattress and the easy to assemble smart platform metal bed frame both come  little under $150 at the time of writing (see the live price above). This is an amazing price for two high quality products that provide good comfort and support as temporary or, in some cases, permanent sleeping solutions. To prevent any damage, make sure to unbox the products as soon as you receive the package, as being in a vacuum for too long can compromise the quality of the mattress. Therefore, take the mattress out within 72 hours of receiving your order and allow it to extend to its full shape and size, which usually takes up to 48 hours. There is no specific trial period listed for this sleep set but it does come with a 10 year warranty, if you ever come across any manufacturing defaults. As all Zinus products, this set is made in China but that doesn’t compromise its quality!


All together, the sleep master memory foam mattress is a great product that provides comfort and support for a better night’s sleep but, keeping in mind that it is only 6 inches thick, it may not be the right permanent solution for heavier sleepers. It is described as a very firm mattress so if you’re not used to such sleeping surfaces, you might want to consider getting a mattress topper. With the memory foam layer, this mattress allows you to slightly sink in and relax while the support foam base layer provides pressure relief and reduces stress. There is only little to no off gassing at all when it comes to this product and, if you do experience some odor coming from the package when first opening, it will fade out within a few hours. Make sure to keep the room well ventilated! Overall, if you’re looking for a guestroom bedding solution, this is a perfect choice under 200$. In fact, some customers even use this mattress as a permanent sleeping solution but that is not recommended for the heavier ones.