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Zinus Sleep Master 13 inch with Double Airflow Foam Mattress Review

Zinus Sleep Master 13 inch with Double Airflow Foam Mattress


Satisfaction Score











  • CertiPUR-US Foam
  • Great Value
  • Good for Stomach sleepers
  • Good Heat retention control


  • Too firm
  • Get softer over time
  • Some odor
  • Only king and Cal. King options
In this article we are going to review another Zinus comfort innovation, the Sleep Master memory foam 13 inch mattress with double layer airflow foam. As all Zinus products, this mattress is manufactured in China but that doesn’t mean it is of low quality. On contrary, Zinus provides great quality mattresses and the affordable prices are available thanks to their shipping methods that cut the costs of middlemen or distributors. You wont have a chance to try out this product before buying it so we are going to review it in detail and help you make your decision today! Keep in mind that with Zinus you can get great quality sleeping solutions yet save hundreds of dollars, so make sure to consider this mattress for your purchase!

The Mattress Layers

This particular Zinus mattress, the Sleep Master Memory foam mattress with double layer airflow foam consists of 4 layers within its 13 inches of thickness. The top layer is quite a thick, 3 inch layer of memory foam. This is quite thick for memory foam layers, as they usually don’t go over 2 inches. Beneath it is a 1.5 inch of pressure relieving comfort foam. The last two layers are in charge of providing support and adding firmness to the mattress. The third layer is a 3.5 inch layer of airflow high density foam and the fourth and last layer is the base layer of airflow high density foam of 3 inches as well.

Quality of Materials and Certifications

This is another full foam mattress from Zinus that provides excellent comfort thanks to the quality of its materials. The Zinus sleep master memory foam mattress with double layer airflow foam is made of BIO foam, which is a special kind of foam made without petroleum and other harmful chemicals. Instead of those chemicals, this foam contains natural plant oil and green tea extracts which reduce off gassing and keep the mattress fresh longer. This foam is also CertiPUR-US certified for quality, performance and great durability. Besides the foam layers, this mattress also has a Jacquard cover that adds a soft touch and also helps regulate temperature due to it being very breathable.

How it feels and the Overall Sleep Experience

The Zinus sleep master memory foam 13 inch mattress is one of greatest comfort innovations from this manufacturer. The double layer airflow foam is in charge of perfect temperature regulation. This mattress does not get too warm due to your body temperature or the temperature of the environment, providing you a comfortable sleeping surface for any time of the year. In order to get a good night’s sleep it is crucial to have a mattress that can properly regulate temperature and stay cool even during the hot summer days. This Zinus mattress definitely does this job without failure. Besides the cool comfort, this memory foam mattress provides exceptional support and pressure relief. The top layer of memory foam is three inches thick and gives you a slight sinking feeling, as the memory foam molds to your body. Even with such a thick memory foam layer, this mattress is still considered to be medium firm to firm, thanks to the total of seven inches in high density foam. This amount of supportive foam provides great edge support, so if you like sleeping near the edge of the bed or sitting on the edge but you prefer a foam mattress over a spring one, this product is a great solution for you.

This firmness also calls for a long-lasting durability, another factor most buyers look for when purchasing mattresses. This combination of layers provides pressure relief, allowing you to wake up more relaxed and ready for the day, leading to increased productivity and improvement of your mood. The customers have stated that thanks to this mattress they experienced less to no back pain at all. Therefore, if you have backache during the night this mattress is a great solution to consider. There is no doubt this mattress will leave you feeling rested and satisfied in the morning. When it comes to off gassing, you may experience a bit of odor when opening the package but that goes away quickly. There are no major off gassing issues with this Zinus mattress, as it is made of BIO foam.

Pricing and Other Details

This Zinus mattress comes at the price of 309.99$ for the California king size. This is an amazing price for the comfort and quality you will be getting with this product. Similar to this mattress is the Zinus 12 inch memory foam multi-layer airflow mattress which also has the heat regulation feature and is made of the combination of memory foam, high density foam and comfort foam. The difference in the two mattresses is the thickness (only one inch difference) and pricing. The higher pricing of the Zinus sleep master memory foam 13 inch mattress with double layer airflow foam indicates higher quality, even though both products rank high when it comes to customers’ opinions. The mattress is shipped in a box and due to being compressed it must be taken out within 72 hours of receiving the package or the vacuum inside the packaging may cause damage. Once out of the package, the mattress will need up to 48 hours to expand to its full size and shape, so make sure not to use it until it has completely expanded. There is no trial period for this mattress but it has a 10 year warranty for all manufacturing defaults.


This magnificent product from Zinus provides great comfort and support, as well as a perfectly cool sleeping surface. The great combination of layers provides pressure relief and back pain relief, which are two great benefits for any sleeper. IF you’re looking for a permanent sleeping solution including comfort and support, instead of spending over a thousand dollars, try out Zinus’ products at very affordable prices. The quality of this mattress will win you over and you will never want to switch to another manufacturer again! With Zinus you can get quality and save money at the same time!