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Zinus Master Memory Trundle Mattress

Zinus Master Memory Trundle Mattress


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  • Have moisture barrier
  • Great options for kids
  • Great price/quality


  • Not for adults
  • Can cause backpains for heavier users
  • Sizing issues

Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed / Trundle Bed / Day Bed / Twin Mattress, Blue

Price: $130.37

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Another comfort innovation from Zinus is their Master Memory Trundle Mattress, which we are going to review in this article. As all products from Znus, this mattress comes at an affordable price but it is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door, which means you wont have the opportunity to try it out before you make the purchase. That makes the decision much more difficult to make, since in order to choose the right mattress for you, you must know what it feels like to use it. To help you with your purchase we are going to review this Zinus mattress in detail so keep reading!

The mattress layers

The Zinus Master Memory Trundle Mattress is described as five inches thick, even though some customers have found it to be a little less than that. However, a less than an inch difference is really not that big of a deal when it comes to the comfort of this mattress. It consists of four layers of foam, which means it is an all foam mattress. The bottom layer is a three inch air-flow, high-density foam layer, which serves as a base support foam. Above it is a 1 inch layer of comfort foam, which is in charge of pressure relief and, on top of it all is the last 1 inch layer or memory form, which conforms to your body shape and provides a great sleeping surface.

Quality of materials and certifications

This mattress consists of only the highest quality foam which is CertiPUR-US certified for quality and performance. To improve the quality of the mattresses they offer, Zinus uses special BIO foam, which is the latest evolution of memory foam that, instead of traditional chemicals such as petroleum, uses natural extracts such as green tea or plant oil to keep the mattress fresh and healthy for the user. Besides the foam materials, this mattress also comes with a high quality, breathable cover which comes in two colors, pink and blue. The cover of the mattress includes a moisture barrier.

How it feels and the overall sleep experience

When it comes to this Zinus mattress, it provides great comfort and support depending on the weight of the sleeper. Those who usually find this mattress very comfortable are children of ages 8 to 14. That is why this mattress is used for trundle beds, bunk beds or day beds, since they wont provide the full comfort for an adult sleeper. They are also often placed in guest bedrooms where they aren’t  used on a daily basis. For an adult sleeper, this mattress would do a good job for a few nights but if you’re looking for a permanent mattress solution for the bedroom, this is not the right option.

However, the Zinus Master Memory Trundle Mattress is completely adorned among kids! Even though there isn’t much bounce on it, which children love because of the joys of jumping on a bed, the mattress provides great comfort thanks to its five layers of high quality foam. The top layer of memory foam conforms to the body of the sleeper, providing just enough sinking to make the mattress comfortable. The comfort layer beneath the memory foam provides pressure relief and, since its only one inch thick, it works well for children but not so well for adults. Lastly, the third layer is a high density layer which means it provides support and adds firmness to the mattress.

Speaking of firmness, this Zinus mattress can be rated as a medium firm and a very thin mattress. Because it only consists of four thin foam layers, the provided edge support is not the strongest but it’s just enough for a child sleeper. All layers are made of BIO materials instead of chemicals, which significantly reduces off gassing. However, some customers have found that there is a bit of an odor when first opening the package but it disappears after a minute or two. As there are no heat regulating layers in this mattress, it is normal for it to warm up during higher temperatures, as it doesn’t have any cooling features.

Pricing and other details

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The Zinus Master Memory Trundle Mattress comes at the price of 89$, which is one of the most affordable prices for mattresses of this size on the market. As all Zinus products, this mattress is effectively shipped directly from the manufacturer and it comes compressed in a box. It is recommended to take the mattress out of the box as soon as you receive the package, within 72 hours in the worst case. Keeping the mattress compressed for a longer time could damage it so be careful. Once you open the package, the mattress will need some time to expand to its original shape and size, which usually takes less than 48 hours. There is no specific trial period listed for this product but it does come with a 10 year warranty on all manufacturing defaults. As all Zinus products, the Master Memory Trundle Mattress is manufactured in China, which is how the company is able to make important savings and offer you their products at lower, more affordable prices.


To put it all together, the Zinus Master Memory Trundle Mattress is a one of a kind 5 inch Zinus mattress used for bunk beds and trundle beds. Its memory foam layers provide great comfort while the high-density foam in the base provides support. This mattress is meant to suit children of ages 8 to 14, as an adult wouldn’t find it comfortable, since it is a quite thin mattress and under a heavier weight it would lose all of its positive components. If you need a comfortable mattress for your kid’s room or even for a guest room, the Zinus Master Memory Trundle Mattress is a great, budget-friendly option. With only little to no off gassing and great pressure relief, this mattress will provide your child a great sleeping experience they are going to enjoy! Remember to let the mattress extend to its full shape, which needs a few hours, before you put it to use!