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Zinus Gel Infused Memory Hybrid Mattress

Zinus Gel Infused Memory Hybrid Mattress


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  • Great for heavy persons
  • Great for pain relief
  • One of the best from Zinus family
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  • It's on expensive side
  • Memory foam layer should be thicker
The Zinus Gel Infused Memory Hybrid mattress is a unique combination of a innerspring mattress and a foam spring mattress. Such structure makes this mattress stand out among other Zinus products because it provides quite a different feel from a regular foam or regular innerspring mattress. As all Zinus mattresses, this product is available at an affordable price and, considering the quality and comfort it offers, it is among the most sought after mattresses on the market. We are going to get deeper into details regarding this product to help you determine whether it is a good choice for you!

The mattress layers

As we already mentioned, what makes this mattress unique in terms of what it has to offer is the combination of memory foam and inner springs. These two materials, usually forming different types of mattresses, provide a completely different sensation when sleeping. The Zinus combined these two materials to form a hybrid mattress that provides outmost comfort and exceptional support. The base layer consists of a series of pocketed coil springs which secure firmness and pressure relieving support of the mattress. Above the base layer is a one inch viscolatex foam layer that adds additional comfort and above it is a 1.5 inch gel infused memory foam layer, in charge of heat regulation. All of this is wrapped together with a soft cover quilted with 1.25 inches of soft poly foam.

Quality of materials and certifications

As all Zinus mattresses, the Gel Infused Memory Hybrid Mattress consists of CertiPUR-US certified materials, which implies that those materials are durable, perform well and consist minimal amounts of chemicals. Materials used in the structure of this mattress include gel infused memory foam, viscolatex foam, pocketed coil springs and a jacquard cover with poly foam. All together, the good choice of materials and the right structure make this mattress a good option for those looking for something between soft and firm in terms of the feel of the mattress itself.

How it feels and the overall sleep experience

There is no doubt the Zinus hybrid mattress is different from standard memory foam or spring mattresses. This interesting combination has its pros and cons, which we are going to reveal below. If you’re expecting the traditional feel of a memory foam mattress, then this might not be the right option for you. When using the Zinus Hybrid mattress, you can really feel the difference, as it is firmer and more responsive than other mattresses. If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, we recommend the 12 inch Zinus Hybrid because it provides the right firmness for those sleep positions. The combination of springs and memory foam makes this mattress medium firm, as the foam layers add softness while the bottom spring base increases firmness and support. When it comes to motion transfer, the hybrid mattress does not isolate motion as well as full memory foam mattresses, because of the springs in the base. However, the mattress still does a good job keeping you peaceful at night next to a restless partner.

The balanced mixture of materials provides the sleeper exceptional comfort. The top layers add softness while the memory foam shapes according to your body curves, whereas, the base layer of springs ensures you are receiving the right support and relieves pressure points. Pressure relief is significant during sleep because it affects how much rest you are going to get. With the Zinus hybrid mattress, there is no doubt you will have a good night’s sleep. Thanks to the gel infused memory foam layer, the mattress does not retain heat and stay warm throughout the night. It maintains the ideal temperature, allowing you to sleep undisturbed by heat, no matter what time of the year. As all materials are CertiPUR-US certified, there are little to no chemicals used within the components of this mattress. That reduces off gassing, that is, the odors emitted from the mattress. However, unlike the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress or their Memory Foam Premium Cloud-like mattress, the hybrid one is not infused with green tea or natural plant oil extracts. Even though it lacks this feature, the mattress still does not emit chemical odors, which makes it a healthy and convenient choice for purchase. As there are pocketed coil springs in this mattress, you can expect noises to stat appearing after a longer period of use.

 Pricing and other details

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As all Zinus mattresses, the hybrid mattress comes at an affordable price when compared to other products of this kind on the market. You can get it at the price of 610$ for queen size. Keep in mind that the prices vary according to the size and thickness you choose. This well-structured mattress is effectively shipped in a box, and due to it being compressed during the shipping process, you will have to let it expand to its full shape before using it. This may take two to three days, depending on how long the mattress had been compressed in a box. It isn’t easy to find the right mattress for your needs so if you end up not liking this product, you can contact Zinus within the trial period of 30 days to look for the opportunity to exchange it for another product. When it comes to the warranty, this Zinus mattress is covered by a 10 year limited warranty for all manufacturing defaults on the product.


What you get with the Zinus Gel Infused Memory Hybrid Mattress is a combination of softness and firmness provided by coil spring and memory foam layers. This definitely gives a different feel than the traditional mattresses made of these materials. If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, the 12 inch Zinus Hybrid mattress is a great option to consider. With the gel infused layer you don’t have to worry about heat regulation. The plushy top layer materials take away the firmness of the spring layer, resulting in a perfect, medium firm combination. It is important to emphasize that motion transfer is a slight downside of this mattress because of the spring layer and you cannot expect the same motion isolation as with full memory foam mattresses. However, even with the coil springs, the Zinus hybrid mattress performs better than most spring mattresses when it comes to motion transfer. The cost of the mattress is definitely worth taking into consideration, as it is cheaper than most mattresses of this kind on the market.