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Zinus 6 inch Spring Twin Mattress 2 Pack

Zinus 6 inch Spring Twin Mattress 2 Pack


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If you’re looking for the perfect solution for bunk beds, trundle beds or day beds, Zinus has the right one for you, the 6 inch spring twin mattress. Besides being exceptionally good quality, Zinus mattresses come at affordable prices thanks to the manufacturer’s smart shipping techniques. All Zinus products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door, which cuts the costs of any middlemen or distributors, allowing the company to provide you reasonable prices for high quality products. To help you determine whether this mattress is the real deal for you, we are going to review the 6 inch spring twin mattress below! Keep in mind that what we are reviewing here is actually a pack of two same mattresses, meaning for the below mentioned price you will be getting two Zinus mattresses.

The Mattress Layers

The 6 inch spring twin mattress from Zinus consists of three layers, with an additional fiber quilted cover. Going from top to bottom, the first layer is a thin, 0.5 inch layer of comfort foam, followed by a layer of 0.5 inch high density foam. The third layer and the base of the mattress is the 5 inch inner spring layer that provides great support and adds to the overall firmness of the mattress.

Quality of Materials and Certifications

The base layer of the Zinus’ 6 inch spring twin mattress consists of high quality Bonnell springs, which serve as the support system. The Bonnell springs are very heavy gauge steel springs that perform firmly and have great durability. As for the foam parts of this mattress, they are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are made of mostly natural materials, they perform well and are long-lasting. The mattress comes with a high quality knitted jacquard cover with a micro-fiber quilted fabric for additional comfort and a soft touch.

How it feels and the Overall Sleep Experience

The truth about the Zinus 6 inch spring twin mattress is that is a high quality product and serves its purpose well, but its purpose is not being a full-time bedding solution but rather a temporary, occasional one. Meaning, this mattress was designed for either kids’ room and their twin or bunk beds or as a guestroom bedding solution for occasional use. As an adult, if you were to sleep on this mattress every night, you may not find it as comfortable as most other Zinus products, mainly because the thickness of the mattress is not enough to permanently support a heavier person.

On the other hand, if you were to get this mattress for a child or a young adult they would be fascinated by its comfort and support. When it comes to the firmness of the mattress, this is definitely a firmer solution. It is firm thanks to the majority of the springs within the layers. Only two 0.5 inch layers of foam don’t add too much softness but just enough to make lying on top of the springs comfortable. The fiber quilted jacquard cover fits the mattress tightly, meaning there are no uncomfortable lumps of fiber on the surface. It also adds a soft touch to it, making it even more comfortable for the sleeper.

Thanks to the firm spring base layer, this mattress provides good edge support. If you like sleeping near the edge of the bed or just sitting on it, this mattress will allow you to do that. When it comes to motion transfer, the springs do a pretty good job isolating movement, however, as it is a twin mattress it is unlikely that couples would be using it. As for a single sleeper, motion transfer is not that big of a deal. A little drawback when it comes to this Zinus mattress is its off gassing issue. Customers have complained about the odor coming from the mattress which lasts through the first few uses but later fades away.

This mattress does not have any heat regulating layers but it doesn’t have memory foam either, which is usually the reason why heat builds up within a mattress. Therefore, we can say that heat buildups are not a big issue with this mattress, since the matter is balanced out. The 6 inch spring twin mattress from Zinus fits twin sized frames perfectly. With medium firm to firm support, the mattress is not too soft, yet not too firm. It is a great choice for a kids’ room or as a guest bed.

Pricing and Other Details

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As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, here you will get two twin mattresses from Zinus at the price of only 149.99$. This kind of quality is exceptional for only as little as 150$. The mattresses ship quickly and they arrive compressed in a box. It is recommended to take them out of the box because being vacuumed inside can cause damage to the product. Upon opening the package, let the mattress air out and extend to its original shape and size, which usually takes from 24 to 48 hours. There is no specific trial period listed for this 2 pack from Zinus but it does come with a 10 year warranty, which can come in handy if you discover a manufacturing default at some point.


The Zinus 6 inch Spring Twin mattress is a great deal, especially when you get two of them for a price of only 149.99$. It provides great comfort and firm support thanks to its high quality, CertiPUR-US certified materials. Overall, this mattress is great for its purpose, which is serving as a kids’ room mattress, a bunk or day bed mattress or a guest bed mattress. It certainly would not be a good enough permanent solution for adult users, as it is only 6 inches thick. If you’re looking for a thicker mattress for your permanent bedding needs, check out other products from Zinus, as they have plenty of them on the market. What’s great about Zinus is that they ship your order quickly and some customers have even mentioned receiving their mattresses earlier than expected. If you’re looking for a high quality bedding solution from a trustworthy manufacturer, this is the one!