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Zinus 13 inch Memory Foam Temperature Adaptive Mattress

Zinus 13 inch Memory Foam Temperature Adaptive Mattress


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  • Hot newcomer in Zinus Family
  • Have high-density comfort curve foam for pressure relief
  • Keep you cool, and dry


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Zinus 13 Inch Memory Foam Temperature Adaptive Mattress, Cal King

Price: $997.99

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One thing we can all agree on is that there’s nothing more annoying and uncomfortable than waking up in the middle of the night due to feeling overheated by the mattress, especially during the hot summer days. Luckily, Zinus has provided us with the right solution! Their 13 inch memory foam temperature adaptive mattress is exactly what you need to consider purchasing if you’re dealing with this issue. This mattress contains a well-structured cooling system within its five layers of foam. Read on to find out more on how this mattress feels, what it is made of and what kind of qualities and features it offers!

The Mattress Layers

As already mentioned above, this mattress has five layers of foam, meaning it is a fully foam mattress. Within its 13 inches the mattress contains layers of memory foam, high density foam, positive foam and base support foam. Going from top to bottom, the first layer of the Zinus Memory Foam temperature adaptive mattress is a 1 inch layer of memory foam itself. Beneath it is another 1 inch layer of memory foam, only this layer contains the fusion gel with cooling capabilities that we are going to discuss below. Next up is a 1.5 inch layer of positive foam with a 2 inch layer of high density foam beneath it. Finally, the last layer is an 8 inches thick layer of high density base support foam.

The Quality of Materials and Certifications

This mattress differs from most Zinus mattresses in the fact that it contains a special cover of knitted jacquard. Namely, this cover features an adaptive technology which helps you regulate the heat and absorb moisture, allowing you to stay cool and dry during your sleep. The cover is not the only part of the mattress to provide the cooling sensation but it does significantly contribute to the overall heat regulation. Moving on from the cover, the foam of this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that it is high quality and durable. Another thing worth mentioning is that the foam of this mattress is not the regular type of foam. We are talking about a special kind of BIO foam, made using natural materials, such as green tea extract and natural seed oil. This combination reduces chemical odors and makes the mattress more fresh and healthy.

How it feels and the Overall Sleep Experience

Now that you now that this mattress contains only the finest quality materials, we are going to discuss the overall sleep experience. Thanks to the memory foam layers, this mattress provides conforming comfort, meaning, the layers of memory foam adjust to your body shape in order to provide the much needed comfort during the night. With the thick base support layer of 8 inches in high density foam, this mattress is considered to be very firm. Therefore, if you’re not used to sleeping on such firm surfaces, you may want to consider purchasing a mattress topper or looking for another mattress in general. On the positive side, this type of firmness is great for back pain relief, so if you have those kinds of issues, this mattress can be very helpful.

The top layers of memory foam and positive foam, as well as the knitted jacquard cover add enough softness to make this mattress comfortable yet still very firm. The best feature this product offers is the great heat regulation. The temperature adaptive technology of the cover in combination with the fusion gel memory layer provides great temperature control and prevents the mattress from getting to warm during high temperatures.

Besides temperature, this mattress dynamically responds to other environmental changes, such as humidity. By absorbing motion, it allows you to stay dry and sleep uninterruptedly. The edge support of this mattress is not as strong as that of spring mattresses but it is much better than average memory foam mattresses, thanks to the firmness of the support layers. Off-gassing is reduced to a minimum because of the BIO foam innovation and different natural substances used in the product. All together, the Zinus 13 inch Memory Foam temperature adaptive mattress is a great sleeping solution that brings along comfort and exceptional support.

Pricing and other Details

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If you look up temperature adaptive mattresses on the market, you will be looking at prices over thousand dollars. However, with Zinus you can get exactly what you’re looking for at the price of 429.99$ in king size. The mattress is also available in queen size and California king size. The mattress has a 10 year worry-free limited warranty, so in case of finding any manufacturing defaults you will be protected, as in, you will be able to return or exchange the mattress. However, if you’re looking for a trial period you will have to contact Zinus to discuss the matter, since they haven’t listed any trial periods for this product. As all Zinus mattresses, this product is shipped directly to your door in a compressed box with vacuum packaging technology. Because of this type of packaging it is recommended to take the mattress out as soon as you receive it and lay it out to expand to its full size and shape, which usually takes about 48 hours.


To wrap it all up, the Zinus Memory Foam temperature adaptive mattress of 13 inches is a great sleeping solution for those suffering from issues such as overheating during the night. With this mattress, you will remain cool and dry, as it not only regulates the temperature but it absorbs moisture as well. The mattress is considered to be very firm, which is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when making your purchase. If you don’t feel like a firm mattress is something you would find comfortable, you may need an additional mattress topper or a completely different model of the mattress itself. This mattress is definitely worth the money to those customers who prefer firmer sleeping surfaces and want a cool and comfortable sleeping solution. If you’re not sure about whether this type of firmness would work for you, we recommend considering another temperature adaptive mattress from Zinus, such as one of the MyGel series of mattresses.