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Zinus 12 inch Memory Foam Multi-Layer Airflow Mattress Review

Zinus 12 inch Memory Foam Multi-Layer Airflow Mattress


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Zinus 12 Inch Memory Foam Multi-Layer Airflow Mattress, Queen

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We are used to nothing but quality when it comes to Zinus, one of the most famous mattress manufacturers on the market. If you’re not familiar with it, Zinus is a company that offers great quality products at the most affordable prices you can find. Thanks to their smart shipping techniques, you can save a lot of your budget and instead of spending 1000$ on a mattress get the same quality for less than 500$. The only downside is that you are not able to try out the mattress before you purchase it because it is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door. That is why we are going to review the Zinus 12 inch memory foam multi-layer airflow mattress in detail and help you make your decision!

The Mattress Layers

The Zinus 12 inch memory foam multi-layer airflow mattress consists of four separate layers. Going from top to bottom, the first layer is a three inch memory foam layer that conforms to your body, then comes a 2 inch comfort foam layer which adds comfort to the mattress. Beneath it is a thicker, 3.5 inch layer of high density foam and another 3.5 inch base layer of high density foam as well. These last two high density foam layers add support and firmness to the mattress.

Quality of Materials and Certifications

This mattress is completely made of foam, meaning there are no other components in it. All foam used by Zinus is natural, high quality and CertiPUR-US certified. This certification ensures that the foam contains no harmful chemicals and that it performs well for long periods of time. Besides foam, the only other material this mattress contains is the knitted jacquard cover. This breathable cover allows better heat regulation, adds a soft touch and protects the mattress from stains and additional wear.

How it feels and the overall sleep experience

The Zinus memory foam multi-layer airflow mattress of 12 inches is a great option for those looking for customized and relaxing support. Besides the great combination of layers, this mattress contains an excellent airflow design which provides great heat regulation and thus keeps the mattress temperature optimal. The great heat regulation is one of the biggest advantages of this product because not many other mattresses have this feature. There is nothing worse than sleeping on a hot mattress, especially during the hot summer days. Therefore, this Zinus mattress is a great solution for this issue.

The top layer of memory foam combined with comfort foam adds softness and comfort to the mattress. The high density foam layers make this mattress firmer, which is why it is a great option for back sleepers. This combination of high quality foam provides good pressure relief and allows you to get a better night’s sleep. The mattress offers good edge support, even though it cannot be compared to spring mattresses when it comes to this characteristic. Even though the mattress is medium firm to firm, it is extremely comfortable and relaxing. There are, however, a few drawbacks customers have pointed at after trying out this product. Firstly, there is a bit of off gassing when first opening up the mattress, which lasts until it airs out. To speed up the process of airing out, keep the mattress in a well ventilated space and try not to use it until the odor is completely gone. Even though off gassing is quite an annoying issue when it comes to mattresses, it’s not a permanent one in this product.

The second drawback is the fact that the knitted jacquard cover is not removable. Therefore, you cannot take it off and wash it, which means you will have to use sheets with this mattress. If we look past these two flaws, the Zinus 12 inch memory foam multi-layer airflow mattress is a great sleeping solution if you’re looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. It is definitely worth the money, as it provides great quality and excellent heat regulation.

Pricing and Other Details

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This memory foam mattress of 12 inches comes at a great price, nobody will argue that mattress with price tag under $200 is a quite attractive deal. It is quite surprising to be able to get this type of quality for a quarter of the price of other similar mattresses on the market. Why waste your money when you can find the right sleeping solution with Zinus? As we mentioned already, this product is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door. It comes compressed in a box and it is recommended to take out the mattress within 72 hours of receiving it to prevent damage. Because the mattress comes compressed, it will take up to 48 hours to expand to its full shape and size. Do not use it until it has fully expanded. There is no specific trial period for this product but it does come with a ten year worry-free limited warranty. If you notice any manufacturing defaults on the product, contact the manufacturer to discuss returns or exchange. As all Zinus products, this mattress is manufactured in China.


All together, the Zinus 12 inch Memory Foam multi-layer airflow mattress is definitely worth the money, if not worth even more. For only 199$ you will get a high quality, comfortable mattress with the great airflow design for temperature control. It provides the perfect amount of comfort and support within its four well integrated layers. As long as you open the package on time and let the mattress expand, you shouldn’t be experiencing any inconveniences. The only two flaws are, as we said, the cover not being removable and the off gassing issue. If we overlook these two, this mattress from Zinus is the perfect solution if you want to save money on your mattress purchase. The shipping of all Zinus products is very quick and some customers even stated that they received the mattress earlier than they were supposed to. The most important thing is that this mattress does a more than great job at regulating temperature, which is something most people look for when purchasing a mattress. Therefore, if you’re looking for a comfortable yet affordable sleeping solution, keep this Zinus mattress in mind!