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Sleep Master iCoil 13 inch Euro Top Spring Mattress and BiFold Box Spring Set

Sleep Master iCoil 13 inch Euro Top Spring Mattress and BiFold Box Spring Set


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Zinus iCoil 13 Inch Euro Top Spring Mattress and BiFold Box Spring Set, Queen

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Out of so many mattress and bed furnishing brands on the market, Zinus is currently the only brand able to offer high quality products at very affordable prices. These products cannot be called cheap because that would indicate lack of quality. The Zinus products offer only the best value for your money! That is why many people turn to Zinus when it comes to looking for a mattress solution, whether on budget or not. In this review we are going to be talking about something different, that is, a sleep solution set offered by Zinus that includes the Sleep Master iCoil 13 Inch Euro Top Spring Mattress and a BiFold Box Spring, so let’s get into it!

The mattress layers

The Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top Spring mattress is 13 inches thick and consists of four separate layers, which is more than enough to provide great night’s sleep. Going from top to bottom, the first layer is a 1.5 inch layer of ultra-soft foam, which is quilted into the cover of the mattress. Below it is a 3 inch layer of comfort foam for additional comfort and underneath it is a thin, 0.5 inch layer of high density foam, which provides great support. Under these three layers is the final base layer of 7.5 inches of iCoil springs. The foundation of hundreds of independent iCoil springs gives this mattress firmness and provides support for the sleeper.

Quality of materials and certifications

The Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top Spring mattress comes with a luxurious foam and fiber quilted cover that adds a soft touch to it. As all Zinus mattresses that consist of foam material, this mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it consists of high quality and durable foam. However, the main part of the mattress is the layer of iCoil springs, which are also very durable and sturdy. Thanks to being individually wrapped, the springs are even more durable and flexible and, if one spring malfunctions it doesn’t mean the whole line of springs is going to pop out. Don’t worry, that happens very rarely with Zinus’ iCoil springs.

How it feels and the overall sleep experience

Before we get into how what the Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top Spring mattress has to offer in terms of sleep experience, let’s go over the second component of this sleep solution set from Zinus. As we already mentioned, for the price of this set you will not only get the iCoil spring mattress but also the BiFold Box Spring, which looks like a traditional box spring with a heavy gauge steel frame, as well as a fabric cover, except that it can be folded for easier maneuvering around the house. This product allows you to support your mattress without the hassle of having to worry about storage. Simply fold the box spring foundation to make it mobile easily. The best part is, there is no assembly required when it comes to this sleep solution set.

Now, back to the Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top Spring Mattress an the sleep experience it offers, we will start from the basics. As a 13 inch mattress, there is no doubt it is thick enough to support heavier weights and restless sleepers. Thanks to the durable iCoil springs, the mattress provides great edge support. The two layers of pressure relieving and comfortable foam as well as the soft cover add a bit of softness and comfort to the mattress, which, however, doesn’t make it a less firm sleeping solution. The 7.5 inches thick layer of iCoil springs provides firmness and support, making this mattress medium to firm.

The first time you lay on the mattress you will notice a bit of sinkage because of the comfort foam, but not too much. Overall, this mattress is more firm than it is soft, which is important to remember when choosing your sleeping solution. Thanks to the foam combined with springs that adjust to your body shape, this mattress provides customized support and comfort with minimal motion transfer. The iCoil springs are individually wrapped, which helps insulate motion throughout the night. Therefore, this Zinus mattress is a good solution for couples.

Unfortunately, there are two downsides to the Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top Spring Mattress, which are off gassing and heat regulation. Because there is no gel infused foam layers, the mattress is not able to regulate heat very well. However, what makes the mattress warm up the most is the memory foam layer, and since this specific mattress does not have a memory foam layer, it doesn’t get too hot during the night. Therefore, without any heat regulation features, the mattress will get warm but not too much. We can say its heat regulation is average. The second downside is the fact that many customers have complained about a strong odor when first opening the package as well as later throughout the use of the product. It may take a few days or even weeks for the mattress to completely air out. Keeping it in a well ventilated space is recommended.

Pricing and other details

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The sleep solution set from Zinus whch includes the Sleep Master iCoil 13 inch Euro Top Spring mattress and the BiFold Box Spring comes at the price of 499$ for queen size at the time of writing. The products are smartly shipped from the manufacturer to your door and the mattress comes compressed in a box for easier shipping. However, since this set includes two products, it will come in different boxes which may arrive as separate shipments. In some cases, customers receive one product and have to wait a bit longer for the other to put their set together. Therefore, if you receive one box at a time, don’t worry, as the other one is on its way!

When it comes to the mattress, it is recommended to open the package and get the mattress out of the box within 72 hours to prevent any damage. It usually takes about 48 hours for the mattress to fully extend to its original shape and size. Do not use it until it has fully extended. There is no trail period listed for these two products but they do come with separate warranties. The mattress is covered by a 10 year warranty while the BiFold Box has a shorter, five year warranty period.


All together, this sleep solution set from Zinus comes at a very affordable price and you do get a lot of bang for your buck. The unfolding box spring does not need any assembly, which is quite convenient but you cannot use the products right out of the box, since the mattress needs time to expand. Overall, the mattress provides great comfort and exceptional support, with a few downsides including the off gassing issue and heat regulation. As a spring mattress, this is a firm sleeping surface and, if you’re not a fan of firm mattresses, you should look for another sleep solution form Zinus, as they have plenty full foam, soft and medium mattresses in the offer. For the price of 699$ you will get a whole set needed for a good night’s sleep. If you’re having issues falling asleep next to a restless partner, this mattress may just be the rght solution for you, as it offers exceptional motion transfer thanks to the individually wrapped coil springs!