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Best Zinus Platform Beds

Besides a wide array of mattresses, Zinus offers other bedding products as well. For instance, they create high quality platform beds of different kinds, each providing different style and appearance. The platform beds differ in materials and functionality, as well as the amount of support they provide. Therefore, when choosing the right platform bed you must take into consideration all the specific details in order to make sure the product suits your needs and requirements. To make things easier for you, we have put together this list of top 15 Zinus platform beds, including their most relevant features. Read on to find out which 15 platform beds have made it to our list!

Zinus 12 inch Wood Platform Bed

This platform bed features the antique espresso-colored finish, adding style to your room interior. It replaces the traditional box spring, providing enough support for even heavy weight users. The structure of the platform is made of a durable steel frame with wooden slats for added support. The steel frame has a foam padded tape addition to ensure noise-free experience, whereas the wooden slats contain the non-slip tape that keeps your mattress in place. Altogether, this platform bed does the job exactly as it’s supposed to. The only drawback that may be an issue for some customers is that has no headboard or footboard.

Zinus Tuscan Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support

Unlike the previous model, this platform bed includes a headboard made of wood, while it doesn’t have a footboard. The frame of the platform is made of durable and long-lasting steel and it includes wooden slats for extra support. This Zinus platform bed is also noise-free and slip-free, which is quite important for the user experience. A great advantage is the fact that there is 1 foot of height under the platform, providing enough space for under bed storage. Overall, the Tuscan platform bed is quick and easy to assemble and it provides exactly what you need; a durable and long-lasting support for your mattress.

Zinus 12 inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

This Zinus platform bed is similar to the first one on our list, except that this one comes in a rustic pine finish. It is stylish and contemporary but it does not include a headboard or footboard. You won’t need a box spring along this platform bed, as it provides enough support for any type of mattress. The steel structure contains wooden slats for enhanced support, as well as the non-slip and noise-free foam padded taping. Overall, this bed platform is well worth the money and it’s quite a stylish addition to your room interior.

Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slots

For a more luxurious style, you can check out the Zinus Faux Leather platform bed. This product conveniently ships in one box so you don’t have to wait for several packages to complete the setup. It has a headboard as well as a low profile footboard included, which makes it a functional yet very contemporary bed platform. The wooden slats add additional support while the structure contains foam padding for noise-free and slip-free use. This platform bed from Zinus does not only provide the right support for your mattress but also betters the style and design of your interior.

Zinus Contemporary Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support

Zinus Brianne Metal and Wood Platform Bed, Queen

Price: $415.99

1 used & new available from $415.99

This Zinus platform bed fully replaces traditional box springs, meaning you won’t need one to complete your bedding setup. The platform consists of a metal framed headboard as well as a footboard with the addition of wooden slats. All these parts are conveniently shipped in one box yet very easy to assemble using the instructions included in the package. The platform is strong and reliable and it suits all types of mattresses. With the enhanced support from wooden slats and the metal structure, this platform is all you need in order to put together a high quality bedding setup. Add a Zinus mattress on top of it and you will be sleeping on a cloud!

Zinus Upholstered Scalloped Button Tufted Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support

The Zinus upholstered scalloped button tufted platform bed is one of the more stylish and luxurious choices. The platform has a scalloped headboard and a low profile footboard. The headboard is not only modern and stylish but also convenient, as it allows you to lean against it while reading or watching TV in bed. For better support, the platform has extra wooden slats along with the durable structure. All parts of the platform bed are shipped in one box and assemble very easily. All together, this product is a high quality choice from Zinus that is well worth the money!

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats

If you want a touch of customized luxury in your bedroom, this Zinus deluxe platform bed is a good option to consider. It provides strong support while offering a modern and contemporary style. Made of padded faux leather of espresso color, the platform adds a bit of uniqueness to the interior. Besides the metal structure, this platform bed also includes high quality wooden slats to ensure full support for your mattress. Foam padded tape is added to prevent the squeaky noise most cheap platform beds make. As usual, with Zinus you will be getting high quality at an affordable price, which is a deal you shouldn’t miss out on!

Zinus 12 inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

This Zinus deluxe platform bed differs from the previously mentioned models in the fact that it provides even more support thanks to the center support legs. The platform has three center support legs in total, which prevent the mattress from sagging in the middle. You won’t need a box spring with this platform bed. However, it does not have a footboard even though it does have quite a high headboard, with the height of 37 inches. The platform bed is easy to assemble and once you put it together you will be able to enjoy the beautiful antique finish and the stylish-looking wooden material.

Zinus 12 inch Wood Platform Bed

The 12 inch wood platform bed is a simple yet functional platform bed solution with a cherry finish. High quality and durable wood slats ensure good support both for the mattress and the user. The platform is 12 inches high in total, out of which 3.5 inches is the thickness of the frame. Therefore, you will have some space left under the bed for storage. This platform, however, is meant to be used with neither a headboard nor a footboard. It does include a foam padded tape and a non-slip tape to reduce noise and mattress movement. Overall, as simple as it is, this platform bed does the job while its cherry finish is quite nice to look at!

Zinus Sonnet Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation

This Zinus Platform Bed is an award winner for its design. If you’re a fan of the minimalist style, this platform will be perfect for you. Its simple, minimalistic metal structure features wooden slats for enhanced support. It does not include a headboard or a footboard, as it is meant to be as simple as possible. Thus, the platform is very easy to assemble and it arrives in a single shipment. As a low profile mattress foundation of ten inches in height, this platform bed can suit any kind of mattress, from foam and spring to even hybrid mattresses. Overall, it is a great buy, especially since it is very easy to assemble and promotes the minimalistic “less is more” style!

Zinus Upholstered Navy Button Detailed Platform Bed

For those who like colored platform beds, Zinus has offered the Upholstered navy button platform. If the color suits the design of your room, this platform bed will be your favorite! It includes a headboard only, featuring the classic, buttoned style. The fact that the headboard is quite soft means you can enjoy reading or watching TV comfortably in bed. The structure with high-quality wooden slats ensures good support and it is noise-free. Overall, the platform is well priced and very durable and sturdy, meaning it is of high quality.

Zinus Deluxe Upholstered Nailhead Trim Platform Bed

As usual, Zinus platform beds provide great support but this specific platform bed does an even better job thanks to the wooden slats being closer to each other. There are less than three inches of spacing between the slats, thus, the platform provides exceptional support and prevents mattress sagging. It features a headboard only, meaning there is no footboard included. The durable steel frame has foam padding that makes the platform noise free and prevents the mattress from slipping and moving. Overall, the platform provides a luxury feel with a unique upholstered headboard.

Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Wingback Platform Bed

Another uniquely stylish design from Zinus is the button tufted wingback platform bed. It features contemporary style and a great luxurious feel. It includes a headboard only. The platform features closely placed wooden slats for enhanced support, making sure your mattress lives longer without sagging. The structure is easy to assemble and smartly shipped in one box. Overall, the platform is high quality and very sturdy, a great choice for any bedroom with stylish design.

Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

This Zinus Upholstered platform bed is made out of faux leather in black color. It adds a touch of contemporary style to your room while providing excellent support for the mattress. The luxury feel is not all this platform bed offers. It features a high quality headboard with exceptional comfort overall. The platform is suitable with any type of mattress while it is very easy to assemble. Altogether, if you like the black faux leather style this mattress platform is a great option to consider.

Zinus Upholstered Arched Platform Bed

The fifteenth platform bed on our list is the upholstered arched platform bed, featuring classic upholstery. The headboard is arched, adding a unique touch to the appearance of the platform. As with any Zinus platform bed, the structure is high quality and very sturdy with less than three inches of spacing between the slats. The platform doesn’t come with a footboard. All its parts are shipped in a single box for convenience and they are very easy to assemble. The only thing customers have complained about regarding this product is a slight dye odor that fades away after a while.