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Best Zinus Box Springs

If you’ve decided that you want a traditional bedding setup, a box spring is one of the components you are going to need for a comfortable and supportive sleeping solution. There are plenty bed frames and mattress foundations on the market that completely replace the box spring but if you already own one and need replacement, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t purchase one. As with every bedding product, you should pay attention the specifications and features it offers. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of top 15 box springs offered by Zinus. Make sure to take into consideration the structure and durability of the box spring, as well as what type of mattresses suit it best.

Zinus 9 inch High Profile Metal Smart Box Spring

The first Zinus box spring on our list features a strong and durable steel structure with additional wooden slats for extra support. The product is conveniently packaged in shipped in one box so you don’t have to wait for several deliveries to complete your setup. Assembling the box spring is quite easy as well, since clear instructions are included. This box spring is designed for lower profile mattresses and comes with non-slip tape to ensure mattress stability. Overall, the product looks great and it is highly functional, a purchase well worth the money.

Zinus 4 inch Low Profile Metal Box Spring

This very low box spring of 4 inches fits standard bed frames and is suitable for higher profile mattresses. The steel structure is backed up with wooden slats for extra support, preventing your mattress from sagging and prolonging its overall lifetime. The product is also shipped conveniently in one box and, as far as the assembly process goes, you will need to use the tools included in the package. This low profile metal box spring has a very simple design. It combines a steel structure with wooden slats to make a very functional box spring solution.

Zinus 4 Inch Low Profile BiFold Box Spring

The low profile BiFold box spring differs from previous models in the fact that it can be folded and easily moved or stored. Therefore, this product offers mobility and functionality thanks to its BiFold feature. The strong steel structure provides the necessary support and, even though the product doesn’t look that sturdy, don’t be fooled by the picture because it is tougher than it looks. It best suits high profile mattress types and what’s best about this model is that there is no assembly required. All you have to do is fold it out and it’s good to go!

Zinus 5 inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring

An inch taller, this low profile box spring from Zinus features long-lasting steel and extra support. Unfortunately, the assembly requires the use of tools but all tools are included in the package and as long as you follow the instructions you won’t have any issues putting the box spring together. The product comes in compact packaging as well, so you don’t have to worry about multiple shipments. This box spring is perfect for higher profile mattresses and contains the foam padded tape to ensure noise-free use, as well as non-slip tape to enhance mattress stability.

Zinus 14 inch Free Standing Smart Box Spring

This smart box is quite different from the ones we mentioned above, as it is free standing and has six support legs for extra support. The multiple points of contact with the floor ensure mattress stability and prevent mattress sagging, thus prolonging the lifetime of the mattress. The box spring features a noise-free strong steel structure. This smart box spring is a convenient all-in-one mattress solution, meaning there is no additional frame needed if you purchase this product. Thus, you can save some money by purchasing a single box spring rather than several products to complete the bedding setup.

Zinus 9 inch Quick Lock High Profile Smart Box Spring

This smart box from Zinus provides the look and functionality of a traditional box spring yet it has new and convenient features. It is quite easy to assemble thanks to the Quick Lock feature that makes the assembly process fast and effortless. The structure contains a strong steel frame with additional slats for support. There are less than three inches of spacing between the slats, meaning this smart box offers enhanced support for the mattress. It is perfect for lower profile mattresses and offers everything you need from a simple box spring.

Zinus 7 inch Smart Box Spring

The Zinus Smart Box Spring of 7 inches comes with a five year warranty which you most likely won’t need, as the product is sturdy and long-lasting. It features a strong steel structure that is easy to assemble and provides the necessary support for the mattress. This box spring suits all mattress profiles, providing you flexibility in terms of choosing the right mattress for you. Overall, it is a convenient and long-lasting product, it does its job as it’s supposed to and provides the necessary support for any kind of mattress.

Zinus 7.5 inch Quick Lock Smart Box Spring

This Zinus smart box spring is only 0.5 inches taller than the previously mentioned model but it differs in a few features. This model consists of the quick lock construction that allows you to assemble it quickly and easily. It is suitable for any type of mattresses, which means you can purchase it no matter what kind of mattress you have at home. This box spring provides the necessary support for the mattress thanks to the supportive slats with less than three inches spacing between them. Overall, this box spring does the job and provides a simple yet functional look.

Zinus 9 inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

The 9 inch high profile smart box spring requires the purchase of a bed frame and a mattress, which are sold separately. The box spring is easy to assemble with the tools and instructions included in the package. It features a strong and sturdy steel structure for enhanced support and durability. In addition, it contains the foam padded tape on the steel structure which makes it noise-free and prevents the mattress from moving throughout the night. Overall, this simple box spring offers everything you need in order to complete your bedding setup.

Zinus 4 inch Low Profile Quick Lock Smart Box Spring

Back to another lower profile box spring, this 4 inch model is perfect for high profile mattresses. As most Zinus box springs, it features a sturdy steel construction with added foam tape that makes it noise-free. There are less than three inches of spacing between the supportive slats, meaning the construction ensures a high level of support. On top of it all, the quick lock system allows you to easily assemble the box spring without additional tools needed.

Zinus 9 inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring

Another folding mattress foundation from Zinus, the 9 inch high profile BiFold box spring is easy to use with no assembly required. The strong steel structure provides the right support while the fact that the mattress foundation can be folded means you can easily transport it or store it if it’s not in use. Overall, this Zinus box spring is a convenient bedding solution if you’re looking for the right support for your mattress and flexibility in terms of setup and transport.

Zinus 7.5 inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring

This Zinus BiFold box spring is similar to the one mentioned above, only this one is 1.5 inches shorter. There is no assembly required with this product, as it locks in place as soon as you open it up and it’s good to go. The structure can be folded and compressed for easier mobility yet it still provides enough sturdiness and support. If you’re looking for a simple box spring that is easy to put to use and provides the necessary support, this 7.5 inch high profile model with the folding feature is a good option to consider.

Zinus 7.5 inch Essential Box Spring

Zinus Daniel 7.5 Inch Essential Metal Box Spring with Easy Assembly , Twin

Price: $131.40

9 used & new available from $131.40

Another 7.5 inch box spring from Zinus, only this one comes with additional wooden slats for the kind of support that prevents the mattress from sagging over time. The box spring requires a simple metal bed frame, meaning you must make another purchase along with it, unless you already got one. The steel structure is foam padded to ensure noise-free use. The box spring is easy to assemble in general. One thing you should keep in mind is that this box spring is suitable for any spring, foam or hybrid mattress.

Zinus 7.5 inch Standard Profile Metal Smart Box Spring

This standard profile metal smart box spring perfectly suits higher profile mattresses. It fits any standard sized bed frame, allowing flexibility when purchasing other components for your bedding setup. This box spring features additional wooden slats for stronger support, as well as installed non-slip tape to keep the mattress in place during the night. All assembly tool are included in the package and the assembly process is quite simple with the clear instructions included as well.

Zinus 4 inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring

Last but not least on our list is the low profile wood box spring. Unlike all previously mentioned box springs, this one has a wooden structure instead of a steel one. However, it is still very sturdy and supportive and assembles in only a few minutes. The box spring is completely noise-free and provides the right support, perfectly suitable for higher profile mattresses. If you prefer a fully wooden setup as your bedding solution, this wood box spring may be the right choice for you!