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Best Zinus Bed Frames

For any mattress to be comfortable enough it must be properly supported by a sturdy and durable bed frame. Choosing a bed frame, however, is not that easy. Not only that you need to find one that suits your mattress’ type and size but you also need to keep the design and appearance in mind. Therefore, picking one out of dozens of choices may not be the easiest task.

Luckily, Zinus provides a wide array of different bed frames, making it easier for you to find the right one yet still save some budget. Without further ado, let’s get into our list of top 15 bed frames provided by Zinus!

Zinus 14 inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

This mattress foundation completely replaces the need for a box spring. Its height of 14 inches calls for a lot of under bed storage space, which is quite convenient if you have extra items in your room. This bed frame assembles quite easily and you won’t need any tools to complete the setup. If you plan to connect a headboard to it, keep in mind that you will need the SmartBase headboard bracket to do so. Overall, the bed frame provides strong steel support and it’s a great fit for average weight sleepers.

Zinus 18 inch Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The premium smartbase mattress foundation is four inches taller than the regular one, adding 4 extra inches of under bed storage space. It is durable and sturdy, providing the right support for the sleeper. Just as with the previous model, you will need the smartbase headboard brackets if you plan to add a headboard to the setup. Overall, this mattress foundation does its job properly and can last for years, as it is made of a durable steel structure.

Zinus 14 inch Platform Metal Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard

This platform metal bed frame does not only provide the necessary support but also adds to the style of your room interior. Its grey and customized headboard is comfortable and allows you to read and watch TV while in bed. Overall, this bed frame features the minimalist design and provides plenty of storage space under the bed. The frame offers a lot of support for the mattress and prevents it from sagging in the middle, thus prolonging its lifetime. If you need a minimalist style bed frame that will freshen up your room yet you need the right support to come with it, this Zinus product is a great option to consider.

Zinus 16 inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support

Unlike most Zinus bed frames and mattress foundations, this model features steel slats for enhanced support. The sturdy support prevents the mattress from sagging and ensures maximum comfort for the sleeper. However, since these are steel slats instead of wooden ones, this bed frame requires a firmer mattress. This bed frame completely replaces the need for a box spring as well. Overall, this product is well worth the money and provides the right support, as long as you have the right mattress for it.

Zinus 18 inch Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The 18 inch Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation features a folding system. Thus, it can be easily stored and transported. It features extra storage space under the bed, as well as a sturdy and durable construction. This mattress foundation best suits low profile mattresses of 6, 8 or 10 inches. Overall, this is a simple mattress foundation that doesn’t have any complex details. Its style is simple yet it provides everything you need from a basic mattress foundation. On top of the great support, the smartbase foundation is noise-free, which is a quite important detail.

Zinus 14 inch SmartBase Select with Mattress Stopper

What makes this SmartBase mattress foundation stand out among the rest of Zinus’ offer is the fact that it comes with a mattress stopper that keeps the mattress in place throughout the night. The bed frame is easy to assemble and features a specific steel tube structure for enhanced durability. It provides up to 13 inches of under-bed storage space, perfect for smaller rooms or those who need more storage area. The legs of the bed frame contain plastic caps to protect the floor from unnecessary scratches. Altogether, the SmartBase Select is a more advanced bed frame solution with additional features for a better user experience.

Zinus 16 inch SmartBase Deluxe Mattress Foundation

This mattress foundation replaces the traditional box spring and features two extra inches of under bed storage space. It is made of a durable metal structure for enhanced support and mattress protection. Besides the strong support, the mattress provides two non-slip pads on the steel structure to prevent the mattress from moving and ensure its stability. If you want to add a headboard to this bed frame, you will need to use the SmartBase headboard brackets. Overall, completing the setup is fairly easy since the assembly process is simple and the frame comes with assembly instructions.

Zinus 14 inch Easy to Assemble Smart Base Mattress Foundation

Sleep Master Easy To Assemble Smart Platform Metal Bed Frame, Twin

Price: $75.62

9 used & new available from $67.37

This box spring replacement features 12.5 inches of under bed storage space and a very compact design. Its compact design allows you to carry it easily through tight spaces such as up the stairs. This bed frame has multiple points of contact with the floor, which ensures stronger and more level support, preventing the mattress from sagging in different areas. The sturdy steel structure and simple design make this SmartBase a good choice for average sleepers and those who need a convenient and practical bedding solution.

Zinus Quick Lock 14 inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard, Queen

This 14 inch metal platform bed in queen size has the advanced quick lock construction which allows fast and easy assembly. It increases the mattress life thanks to the extra legs holding the frame up. With the height of 14 inches, the platform provides average under bed storage space. This metal bed frame is suitable for any type of mattresses but it is recommended to use firmer mattresses because of the steel support, whereas wooden slats are more suitable for softer mattresses. Overall, this bed frame is simple and convenient, definitely worth the affordable price it comes for

Zinus Quick Lock 14 inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard, Full

This metal platform bed frame is same as the above mentioned model, except that it comes in full size. It features a headboard, unlike most other bed frames that require you to use SmartBase headboard brackets in order to install one. The extra legs of the frame provide additional support for the mattress, prolonging its life and durability. The frame provides average storage space and great support, which makes it a great metal platform bed for its price.

Zinus 14 inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The Elite SmartBase mattress foundation is designed for taller and heavier users. It provides extra strong support and can hold up to 4400 lbs in weight. The frame is extremely sturdy yet still noise-free with 12.5 inches of under bed storage space. This mattress foundation also features the folding design for easier movement and it is very easy to assemble using the instructions that come with the package. The only thing you need to make sure of when assembling this mattress foundation is that all support arms are secured in the right place. Improper assembly in this case can lead to the malfunction of the frame, as it is designed to support heavier weights.

Zinus Quick Lock 16 inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Another Zinus bed frame featuring the quick lock system is the metal platform of 16 inches. It fully replaces the need for a box spring and provides the strong steel support needed for a comfortable night’s sleep with any type of mattress. The steel structure contains foam padded tape to make sure the bed frame is completely noise-free. The assembly of this metal frame is fast and easy. Overall, the product is convenient and does the job as it’s supposed to.

Zinus Quick Lock 14 inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Another Quick Lock bed frame from Zinus, only this one is 14 inches tall, featuring average under bed storage space. The quick lock construction helps you easily assemble the bed frame that provides enhanced support, suitable for any type of mattress. The bed frame doesn’t feature a headboard nor a footboard, only a simple and convenient design. The great support enhances the comfort of the mattress and prolongs its lifetime.   All together, this metal platform bed frame is average in terms of style and quite great in terms of support and functionality.

Zinus Modern Studio 14 inch platform 1000 Metal Bed Frame

The final product on our list of top 15 Zinus bed frame is this design winning mattress foundation, featuring ten wooden slats for enhanced support. The bed frame is simple yet very effective, as well as easy to assemble. Keep in mind that the slats cannot be too wide apart so make sure to follow the included instructions. The sturdy steel structure has non-slip padded tape, as well as tape to ensure the frame is completely noise-free.  His frame also comes with plastic feet to protect your flooring!